Saturday, November 13, 2010

Observations from Larry - four weeks later

Four weeks ago we were just returning to Houston from Mexico!  A lot has happened in the last month.  We have much to be thankful for these days.

The visible bruising on Debbie's leg is gone.  It still has a couple of sore spots.  The pain Deb was experiencing when she first stepped on her right foot is gone.  Debbie's walking is improving, seems to be more fluid. 

We have been concentrating on exercise and more exercise.  We are most grateful for Leah, Debbie's Certified Personal Trainer.  Deb goes to her twice each week for one hour sessions.  Leah is very good and knows how to get the best out of each workout.  She is well aware of Deb's potential and limits.  Leah is worth the drive to Spring.

We are going to the pool at Bally's twice a week.  Debbie walked 12 lengths on Tuesday.  Two of those lengths she did without holding on to anything.  On Friday she walked 10 lengths (3 lengths without holding on to anything).  This helps with improving her balance and walking.   She is desiring to use the wheel chair less and chooses to walk as much as possible.

Deb walked upstairs and back down last night.  Her only motivation was exercise.  She didn't need anything upstairs.  Then today we went to a Sunday School party and she walked up the spiral stair case even though an elevator was available in the house.  She made it all the way up and back down just fine.

These weeks are most important for training the brain on correct movement.  Increased repetition and strength building are critical toward getting the most benefit from the stem cell transplant. 

Thanks for your continued prayers and support. 


  1. Thanks for the update! Keep up the good work Debbie!

  2. Thank you Lord for Debbie's trainer, for Debbie's husband and Debbie's Savior! All glory goes to you Lord!!!