Saturday, November 3, 2012

A New Phone

Recently, the contract for my cell phone was up for renewal.  I’m not sure if it is standard practice for the company to notify all of their customers or if they just send me a notice that states that it is possible to upgrade my phone.  I still have one of the small flip phones and it has served its purpose well.

For years now, Larry has tried to interest me in an iPhone.  I didn’t think it was necessary since I usually only have the phone when I am out.  The phone is turned on when I leave to go somewhere and is usually turned off when I arrive.  When the phone was new, I didn’t even need to charge it for a few months.  It still does not need to be charged very often.  Knowing this background might help you understand Larry’s surprise at my recent request.

It was the first week in October.  After dinner, Larry was seated in his favorite chair with a cup of coffee and a little square of dark chocolate.  After a while, I told him that I thought it was time for me to purchase an iPhone.  With Scott and Abby living overseas, it would be beneficial to have the “Tango App” to be able to talk with them and see them at the same time.  That way we wouldn’t be dependent on having to be connected to the computer to talk.  With grandkids that would be an added bonus.  Besides, I didn’t want Larry to have to stop whatever he was doing to forward grandchildren pictures to my e-mail when he received them.  (When looking at pictures on his phone recently, I noticed that he had two extra pictures that I didn’t have.)
Needless to say, Larry was speechless.  He just kept looking at me, shaking his head, and not saying anything.  Finally he said, “Did you hear what you just said?”  I smiled and didn’t say anything else and neither did he.  The next day he called from the store and said, “Do you want a white phone or a black one?”  Before long, the order was confirmed by e-mail.
I immediately sent the boys an e-mail and told them to be sure to sit down before reading the rest of my message and then wrote about Larry ordering the phone.  Their responses were great as well.
Scott:  I think this might actually be the most surprising news this week—and we've had some pretty surprising news this week!”  (They had just received word from the orphanage that they had been matched with a precious little girl.)
Brad:  “I order mine in 8 days.” 

Chad:  “I’ll trade you!” 

Even though I have used Larry’s phone throughout the years, I still have much to learn.  Thank goodness Larry knew how to set everything up on the phone.  Of course, one of the first things I wanted to do was add pictures.  Brad has already sent me the link to where I can take classes and Chad has answered questions and offered suggestions.  Scott wanted to be sure we added Tango so I can talk with Abby and him.  This is definitely a group effort. 

Some things I have thought about during this process:

* It’s good to have family and friends to help out on life’s journey…even for cell phones.

* While pictures on the phone remind me of special people and events, I am grateful that I don’t have to be dependent on that to remind me of God’s provisions.
* It was important to me to have a protective case for the phone before I started using it so it had a better chance of it not being scratched or damaged.  It’s also important for me to make sure I am being wise about protecting my life from the things that could be destructive to it.
* With the new phone, I am going to have to make the effort to learn what it can do so I can get the most benefit from it.  I also need to be constantly learning and growing to reach my potential.

* I have now charged the new phone three nights in a row, which means it is staying on all day.  Now I need to be as intentional about powering up my life with prayer, Bible study, ministry, and worship.
* I’ve also wondered about how many times God has had to patiently wait for me to ask for His will and provision.  It’s one thing to hold out for a phone, but I don’t want God to say, “I’m glad you finally asked.  I have wanted to provide that for you and bless you with that for a long time.”

Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.  Jeremiah 33:3


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