Saturday, June 29, 2013

An Adoption and a Wedding

What a wonderful and important time of celebration and thanksgiving for our family this weekend!  Early Friday morning, we drove to the Fort Bend County Justice Center in Richmond to meet Chad and his family.  We arrived over an hour early so as not to miss a single part of Chad’s adoption of David.  For the record, I was ready to go 30 minutes earlier than the time Larry said we needed to leave.  And yes, I did persuade him to leave a few minutes earlier than planned.
Lori’s parents and Melinda, Brad’s wife, were also there.  We were all invited to the front of the courtroom for the hearing.  Chad and Lori were called to appear and the lawyer presented their case.  Both Chad and Lori were asked questions about their desire for Chad to adopt David.  It was brought out in the case that David’s father passed away before he was born.  At birth, David was named David Joseph Hudson, Jr.  Chad and Lori have chosen for David to keep his name as they continue to honor his father, Dave.  David now has a second dad who will love, encourage, teach, and disciple him in the years to come.  And we pray that one day David will choose to be adopted by a Heavenly Father because of his faith and trust in Jesus.

All during the proceeding, David pretty much snuggled into Chad’s shoulder and neck, while holding his little truck, and listened, watched, and took in everything as Chad held him.  He felt safe in his father’s arms.  At the conclusion of the hearing, it was a sweet time to hear the judge joyfully grant Chad’s request to adopt David.  Then the judge handed David a stuffed bear to celebrate the occasion and he lit up.  With his truck and bear in hand, he was one happy camper.

On Friday, June 28, 2013, a judge in Fort Bend County and the state of Texas declared what we have already known and believed in our hearts for over a year…David Joseph Hudson, Jr. is Chad’s son…and Larry and I are his grandparents!

After celebrating with David at the outside tables at Starbuck’s (since the yogurt shop didn’t open until noon), we drove to Pasadena to pick up Mom to attend the bridesmaids’ luncheon for Melissa, the soon to be wife of my nephew, Andrew.  Andrew is the cousin that is Brad and Chad’s age.  What a wonderful luncheon and special time of fellowship to honor Melissa.

Friday night we joined with family and friends for the rehearsal dinner and today we celebrate the joyous occasion of Andrew and Melissa’s marriage.  We have already come to love Melissa dearly as she has shared in family outings, birthday parties, holidays and spur of the moment family get togethers.  It will be exciting to see how God continues to work in and through them individually and also as a couple in the days and years ahead.  So today, June 29, 2013, in the eyes of God and the state of Texas, Andrew and Melissa will be declared husband and wife.  Welcome to the family, Melissa! 
“Rejoice with those who rejoice”
Romans 12:15a

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