Saturday, March 5, 2011

Watching out for Bumps

When using the walker, I am learning the importance of watching out for bumps.  Even though there is a basket underneath the seat, I usually have items on top of the seat of the walker to take to different places in the house.  For some reason, I like the challenge of taking things to their location without them rolling off or sliding to the floor.  It gets a little tricky whenever the floor elevation changes…going from carpet to wood or wood to carpet, but as long as I am paying attention and being careful it’s usually a successful trip.  I’ve also learned to navigate around obstacles.
Stepping down from a curb or shorter step usually involves extra strategies and maybe a helping hand.  I’ve noticed that I am automatically cautious when the elevation difference is the greatest.  Sometimes I can tend to go too fast or I am not quite as careful when the difference is less.
That is so much like life.  With the major decisions and events (big steps and bumps) I tend to pray, think through the process, and give it my full attention.  But it is the little bumps in the road that can sometimes distract and throw me off track if I am not focused and giving the proper concentration.
Here’s hoping for a great week…with the walker and with life, watching out for the bumps and obstacles along the way.

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