Saturday, December 17, 2011

Celltex Celebration

Larry and I had the privilege of attending the Grand Opening of the Celltex, RNL BIO, Stem Cell Processing Facility in Sugar Land on Thursday afternoon and then the Dinner Reception at The Houstonian afterwards.  It was an amazing experience.  The lab is modeled after the top level lab  built in Seoul, South Korea, for stem cell research.  It is the only lab of its kind in North America where they culture, grow, and bank adult stem cells taken from your own fat cells.  Dr. Ra comes to Houston often to give guidance to the process and Donna, from Celltex, goes to the lab in South Korea so that everything remains in top order.  This facility is where my stem cells are expanded and banked.

Celltex RNL BIO Stem Cell Processing Center
Sugar Land, Texas

Dr. Jeong Chan Ra - Seoul, South Korea, Debbie, Dr. Stanley Jones

Dr. Lotfi, Dr. Ra, Debbie, Dr. Jones
Three amazing, brilliant, gifted doctors.

David Eller, Chairman & CEO of Celltex

In Dr. Ra's remarks here, and at The Houstonian, he gave
God all the glory for what is happening with stem cells.
Dr. Ra is a follower of Jesus and a deacon in the
Baptist Church in Seoul, South Korea.

Thomas Suehs, Executive Commissioner, Texas Department
 of Health and Human Services reading proclamation from
Gov. Rick Perry, & Dr. Jones, Vice Chairman & CMO of Celltex

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Dr. Jones holding the proclamation from Governor Perry
After the ceremony, we were able to take a tour of the facilities.  They have built this lab like the one in South Korea, with windows down the hallway, so you can watch the lab technicians processing the cells. 

My cells are being processed in here for  my next infusion!!!

After the Grand Opening, we went to The Houstonian for the Dinner Reception.  My sister, Micki, and niece, Sarah, were able to share the evening with us.

Rick Hardcastle, Texas House of Representatives, and Debbie
Rick also has MS.  He had a stem cell procedure and has
regained his balance and can now wear his boots again.

Larry led the prayer before dinner.

I was one of three stem cell recipients that shared our stories.

 Psalm 115:1
Not to us, O LORD, not to us
   but to your name be the glory,
   because of your love and faithfulness.


  1. What a neat event! You look so pretty in all these pictures!

  2. What an amazing evening.

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