Saturday, August 1, 2015

Beach Week 2015

What a wonderful week, in Galveston, celebrating and being thankful for God's wonderful gift of family! 

The Lord has done great things for us,
    and we are filled with joy.
Psalm 126:3 

For the LORD is  good and his love endures forever; 
     his faithfulness continues through all generations.
Psalm 100:5

 Larry, Mark, and Sarah watching Kevin fly the drone

Family picture taken by drone
              Adam                                                                               Amy   Mark
Kirk      Jordan    Larry     Abby     Scott      Kelly   Erich   Kevin    Micki   Ryen/Lori   Sawyer/Chad    Melinda   Brad
Robin   Josiah     Debbie  Mary     Daniel                              Sarah                              David

Fun times on the deck

Melinda and Brad

Niece Sarah is smart enough and talented enough
to read upside down, but actually the answers 
for every other game were upside down. 

Erich, Kelly, Jordan, Amy, Adam, Sarah, Kevin

Andrew, Melissa, and baby Lena,
born the Tuesday of Beach Week
Chad and David
Granddad taking Ryen out to Daddy
for the traditional swing in the gulf
Chad and Ryen
Grandson David

Granddaughter Ryen

Abby and granddaughter Mary

Mary and Ryen



Lori, Ryen, Mary

David and Ryen
Jordan, Josiah, Eli, Adam


Eli and Josiah
Kirk with grandson Josiah

Larry and grandson Daniel
Larry and Daniel

Granddaughter Sawyer
swinging with David's Superman

Lori and Sawyer
Chad and Sawyer
David, Sawyer, and Ryen

Daniel with Uncle Brad

Getting ready for David and Mary's 
birthday parties

David singing a Ninja Turtle song for us before
opening presents.  Notice Brad and Sarah holding
up two of the Ninjas, just how they were instructed.

Gift time for David

Gift time for Mary
Daniel, Abby, Scott, Mary
Family fun around the table

Lori, Ryen, Sawyer  

Robin with grandsons Josiah and Eli
Lori and Sawyer, Chad, David, Ryen

Micki, Sarah, Kevin, Amy

Scott, Adam, Jordan, Eli

Ryen and David

Ryen and David
Debbie and Larry

Continuing the tradition of snow cones 
after playing golf

David and Chad working on Legos
David with first part of project

Brad with Josiah, Eli, David, Ryen

Brad and Eli, Ryen and Melinda

Josiah, Melinda, Ryen, David

The cousins usually took turns
 being flipped by Uncle/Cousin Brad

Uncle Brad with Sawyer

I was able to walk to and enjoy the beach!

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