Monday, October 11, 2010

Larry FINALLY gets to speak!

It is me, Larry, I finally took MY laptop away from Debbie.  I will try to get you caught up on a few things.

Deb just started working with a physical therapist, Antonio, who is working toward "retraining" the nerves and muscles to do what they were supposed to do all along.  I am ready to take my shoes off and ask for my turn.  He really knows what he is doing.  It is amazing to watch, since he does not speak hardly any English.  Everyone else's English around here is quite good - much better than my Spanish.

We will continue here at the clinic until around 4:00 pm.

There are three patients receiving treatment in the room.  All three of the "caregivers/spouses" are working on laptops.  Grateful for Wi-Fi.

The Hotel is nice and the food there is good.  We had grilled seabass for a very reasonable price last night.

The back door of our hotel room  goes out to a patio that overlooks one of three pools.
Here is one of the photos:

This is the front of Hotel Lucerna.  Notice the large fountain in front.  Debbie liked this.

OK, one more "melon art" from breakfast this morning.

Deb is now receiving an IV drip of vitamins.

Christina, from the clinic, just left to get our lunch orders.


  1. Dear Debbie and Larry, Jeff and I have been praying for you. I finally was able to get in your blog and read your messages. I'm so happy that everything is going smoothly and like you said, the staff knows what they're doing! We'll keep praying for both of you, and for a safe trip back. BTW, do you know how long will be there?
    The Barretts

  2. Philip and I have been following your blog and praying for you and are so thankful for the opportunity to follow your journey. Your strength is a witness to all and we are praying that God will sustain and carry you through the coming days. The doors are opening all along your way and that is reassuring. Keep that wonderful positive attitude and know we are holding your hands through prayer. We love you both!
    Cindy and Phil

  3. Debbie you are so brave! You inspire us all!

    Larry -- I love the watermelon art. I have never seen that before! Thanks for the photos.

    Praying for you both,