Friday, October 15, 2010

Photo of Dr. Andrade!

So, here it is - a photo of Deb and Dr. Andrade.  I attempted to load a video of Deb standing without holding on to anything.  Guess you will have to see it in person!

We had a great dinner at the hotel restuarant - we shared grilled sea bass and steamed vegatables!  Yum! (only $15)


  1. Come home sweet miracles, come home!
    Thank you for the photos of those amazing people, it's nice to have a face to the ones you are praying for. God is so good, to Him all glory, honor and praise be given.
    I am so thankful to have been with you on this journey. You are gracious to share your hearts, pains, needs (even for coffee). Thank you!

  2. Debbone, we wish you a save return home.May God be with you. Rudy and Ann

  3. Aunt Ann and Uncle Rudy still remember you in their prayers.