Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday - October 14, 2010 - Back in the Clinic

Another IV drip started and now Deb is getting a lot of physical therapy from Antonio on retraining the legs so they are able to move better.  Deb's right leg and knee are sore and bruised from the Dr. holding it very firm and steady when they removed the stem cells.  However, she is still tolerating all he is doing. 

I got Antonio to pose for a photo:

We are scheduled to remain at the clinic past 3:00 pm.  That is when she is scheduled to receive the final bit of her stem cells from a fourth doctor.

On the interesting side, we saw something unusual as we were transported to the Clinic from the hotel.  A pickup truck came racing past us with sirens screaming.  When asked what that was, our driver Cristina informed us that it was "undercover" police.  She told us the four men in the back were actually the bad guys.  Not to worry though, they had their hands and feet handcuffed and shackled to the bed of the truck.

The restaurant had not one but two samples of melon art today.  Enjoy!


  1. Somehow everytime dad says drip you know he is thinking about getting coffee. You can hear it in the typing.

  2. Thanks guys. This make me feel right at home! Love you!