Thursday, October 14, 2010

Late Thursday afternoon - back at the Lucerna Hotel

The day got better as it went along.  Deb is still sore but therapy helped that some.  They instructed me on how to do some things in the days ahead that will help "retrain the leg movements" and remove the stiffness.  I will do some of that this evening after dinner. 

Deb received the final portion of her stem cells.  These were processed for 24 hours and and then injected into her hips.  (Add a new location of her anatomy that will be feeling sore!) Dr. Vargas said it will take 4-6 weeks for this set of sells to begin to do a restoring work in her body.  Meeting with him was most informative.

We are about to join the other couple receiving treatment, for dinner.  We have enjoyed spending time with them.  We have spent many hours of conversation with them.



  1. Every time I call Mom to give her a report she always says, "Oh, that just made my day!" It is really amazing how she remembers that you are having this treatment. I don't ever have to explain that to her. I hope tomorrow is the best day yet. I'm really looking forward to seeing you guys Saturday evening. We will be at the luggage area to meet you. Continuously praying...

  2. Debbie, it sounds like you had a rough day. Will be praying for that soreness to go away. Take care! mary sue

  3. Thank you so much for letting us know how things are going...we can truly see God's hand at work in every detail & are lookng forward to having you back home at TBC.

    Nancy L.