Sunday, October 10, 2010

God was again fvaithful with details...

God was again faithful with details…

Didn’t sleep much last night…kind of like the night before Christmas or the first day of school.

Woke up at 4:30 to prepare for the day.

Micki, Mark, and Sarah (sister and family) went with us to the airport.

Plane left early and arrived early. 

Pedro picked us up at the airport.  Knowing we were coming for medical reasons, when we asked to stop and get bottled water, he called his mother and found out about an organic store in San Diego where we could also get fruit.  That was a blessing, without even asking for it.  Pedro is married and has three children.  He is so proud of his family.

Pedro drove through a special transportation shuttle van service line at the border.  When they knew we were there for medical reasons, they checked the back quickly and waved us through.

The hotel is one block from the U.S. Embassy and in a very nice part of town.  It is surrounded by nice office buildings.  The hotel is often used for conventions and business meetings. 

We ate at the hotel and had baked chicken and fresh vegetables…just what we needed.  This "watermelon art" was on the dessert table next to where we sat.

It has been a very relaxing and enjoyable afternoon.

Organized all the papers for the doctor tomorrow so Larry knows where everything is located.

Enjoyed spending all day with Larry!


  1. Praying that the Lord will go before you, prepare each encounter, prepare the medicine and the nurses and doctors giving the medicines. We praise him for great things but we also praise him for the tiny details that will make this journey filled with miracles.
    Covering you in prayer,
    Saturday Night Bible study.

  2. So glad to be able to follow your steps through this blog! Praying!

  3. Praying for you, Larry, the doctors and those who will be attending to you. God is good and He knows your every need. I'm claiming Jeremiah 29:11. --Darlene Hay