Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday, October 6 - Schedule

A few notes to help you know about the upcoming week…

Sunday, Oct. 10        Fly to San Diego, California and go to Tijuana, Mexico

The following are general overviews of what will happen each day. 
Monday, Oct. 11       Day 1 of Treatment  - (rough day and night)
                                    Chelation - to clean cells
                                    Cytoxan – to stabilize immune system
                                    Urifron – mild form of chemo
                                    Inositol – anti-inflammatory
                                    Plus all kinds of IVs and injections all day

Tuesday, Oct. 12      Day 2 of Treatment  - (rough day and night)
                                    Same as Day 1 minus the Urifron chemo

Wednesday, Oct. 13 Day 3 of Treatment - BIG DAY!!!
                                    Infusion of high doses of amino acids to
                                         wake up cells so stems will secure
                                    Stem cells harvested
                                    Stem cells processed
                                    1st round of cells put in through a spinal

Thursday, Oct. 14    Day 4 of Treatment
                                    IVs, injections
                                    Stem cells injected

Friday, Oct. 15          Day 5 of Treatment
                                    IVs and injections
                                    Meet with doctors for procedures on exercise, diet

Saturday, Oct. 16     Fly home to Houston!


  1. We're praying over each of these days and each part of the procedure. May you know the nearness of our Lord each step, and may He give you smooth, safe travel in just a few days!

  2. The Ellises love the Bertrands! We will be praying bold prayers for you guys.

  3. Posting your schedule on the calendar to pray for the specifics of each day. Love to you and Larry!
    (Cindy Waldrop)

  4. The Janes Family will be praying for you and over your schedule during this next week. During those "rough days and nights" may you feel surrounded by the prayers of all those back here that are lifting you up!

  5. We will be praying for you in the coming week! I pray that you feel God's comfort in the midst of difficult treatments.

    The Dillinghams