Monday, October 18, 2010

Provisions, Progress, and Pictures

God provided everything we needed last week, and even more…
·   We were to have had a handicap room with a walk-in shower, but the people who had the room extended their stay.  We were in the room next door so it wouldn’t be hard to move when the room was available.   When we came in Wednesday, after the bone marrow transplant, they told Larry it was ready.  The man came and helped Larry move everything.  Perfect timing…we didn’t actually need the room until Thursday morning.
·  Wednesday night I had a bleed where the spinal tap had been inserted.  Since I sat in a chair, instead of lying on the bed, the opening had not formed a clot to seal it.  Larry called the doctor and he told him to put pressure on the spot and said he was on his way.  The doctor then applied pressure for 45 minutes to give Larry a break.  Then the doctor went to read in the lobby and came back to check after midnight to make sure everything was OK.  He said he would not go home until it was sealed.
·  Thursday morning I was somewhat dizzy and white lipped.  Remember the fruit we were able to pick up on Sunday at the organic store?  I ate a banana and felt great.
·   The other couple left for San Diego on Friday afternoon.  Even with a rapid transit pass it took them 2.5 hours to go through the border.  We left Saturday morning and it took less than 15 minutes to go through customs, with the fast pass.
·  At the airport, they took us to the front of the line for luggage check-in and airport security.  There were over 300 in line inside and about 200 in line outside.  The lady that helped me, with security, had grown up in San Diego, moved to Ft. Worth, TX, and moved back to San Diego.  While in Ft. Worth, she rode in the MS 150.  I was able to thank her for doing that and making a difference for people with MS.
·  Hands and feet are a normal temperature instead of freezing cold
·  Left foot is no longer purplish color
·  Right leg has not had an involuntary spasm since Wednesday
·  Left fingers can remain straight instead of curved and better use of my left hand
·  Balance returning
·  Able to stand without holding on to anything
·  Back straighter
·  Walked to end of street and back tonight, with Larry’s help and the cane
Chip took additional pictures of the week.
Lucerna Hotel


Sports World next to hotel

Larry dressed for procedure

Sweet nurse Angelina.  Her smile and caring spirit made the shots and IVs a little less painful.

Debbie, Angelina, Marilee

Chip, Dr. Andrade, and Marilee
Dr. Andrade, Debbie, and Larry

Larry and Debbie


  1. SO awesome!

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  2. God is SO good! Can't wait to see you at church!

    Nan D.

  3. Thanks for the update , Debbie! The news is wonderful. I didn't know your feet and hands were freezing all the time. I know you don't have to look
    far to thank the Lord for something. You are constantly on my mind and in my heart. Do you go back for a follow up visit?
    much love,
    mary sue